New York & London Double Exposure

Amazing work combining images of New York & London

Lucky shot

Crossing him on the monday morning market, I feel a sudden urge to hold still and capture his soft and easy sounds with a little sharp edge on the side. The sun makes my shot impossible, so I just try and turn around to walk away. But suddenly there he is…better than I could have imagined.

Noordermarkt, Amsterdam, NL



Standing close to the Garganta do Diablo (Devil’s Throat), on the Argentinian side of the IguazĂș falls, I feel the enormous power of nature. The water rushing down, 6,5 million liters per second, fog rising up makes me feel the pressure of the air around me. It hypnotizes me and the noise overwhelmes any possible worry that is on my mind, staring into the whirling water.

Foz do IguazĂș, Argentina

Winner of the New Seven Wonders of Nature.


Overlooking the Sumida river towards the Rainbow Bridge

Up or down, does it matter?

Staircase, Sagrada Familia



When your heart feels like all that water rushing down…
Foz do Iguacu


Join me…

Join me...

…and let me take you along on my travels and thoughts. Looking for attraction rather than beauty.

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The Turul

The Turul

Overlooking The Danube and the chainbridge connecting Buda and Pest, the Turul impresses me. Representing God’s power and will to the Hungarian people, it’s wingspan and sharp beak captivates me… Orsi, who shows me around her hometown today, patiently awaits me a bit further down the square, smiling, when I finally walk towards her and we set course for Sunday lunch.